About Us

Africa school of Technology is a place where we celebrate youth excellence and strive to mould young persons into adults with a sense of social responsibility, human values and interest for the continent. We will not only strive to train our learners to become skilled technologists, intellectuals and leaders of the nation but also encourage them to mould themselves into better human beings.

“The Corporate Sector, today in Africa, is going through a whirlwind change regarding an attitudinal change in employees and the employers. The transition of technology and consumer anticipations have placed substantial requests on business organisations that have to keep adapting themselves to these rapid changes. Colleges are required to produce future managers & IT professionals who can think logically, take decisions and be able to act in any cultural environment. Now, the role of professionals is increasingly becoming that of Leaders and Facilitators.


Organisations are now virtual networks wherein the team heads concentrates on rendering an atmosphere where team members not only surpass in their work but also appreciate doing the same, invent and then innovate.

Apart from establishing a robust teaching environment, our institution is keen to facilitate and support cutting-edge research in different areas. This aspect, we believe, will empower the students to enlighten themselves with latest developments in their respective areas of study and peruse their research interests. It would also result in a constant revision of courses that have learned.

These require future IT professionals to not only be strong academically but also to be sensitive to socio- economic and cultural issues. We at Africa School of Technology, give students profound and state of the art knowledge, regarding technology. We will also inculcate in them proficiency towards applying this knowledge into solving real-life problems and become highly skilled professionals, driven by a global vision and motto “New Leaders. New Vision. New Direction.”

Our Mission

To inspire new knowledge by captivating in cutting-edge research and support academic growth by offering 21ST Century Information Communication Technology (ICT) programmes.

To determinate, based on an informed perception of Africa and global needs, areas of specialisation upon which the Africa School of Technology can scrutinise.

To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and the ICT industry.
To evolve human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions

Our Vision 

Our vision is to contribute to Africa and the World through excellence in scientific and technical education and research; to serve as a beneficial resource for the ICT industry and society, and remain a source of pride for all Africans.

Our Book of Commitments

We will strive to become an internationally recognised leader in education that places a strong emphasis on global citizenship, social justice and equity.

AST will be at the forefront of applied education and, in doing so, meet both the economic and social inclusion needs of our communities.

Africa School of Technology  will play an integral, active role within the communities we serve. We will make a difference in the lives of those around us and continue our leading-edge work to aid under- represented groups, championing their cause to access and succeed in post-secondary education.

Leaders are not born they are created by the right environment, and through mentors who give people the confidence and abilities to lead others. We will create such an environment and be those mentors.

There is no single path to success. We recognise this. AST will continue to find new routes for students to travel, and exciting ways to make their journey more rewarding.

We will guarantee the quality of AST programs and service delivery to ensure an outstanding and rewarding experience for our students.

We will be an environment that challenges employees to be their best, and to make a difference. We will be an inclusive, engaging work environment built on valuing diversity and respect for all people.

To become better and offer more to our students, we must grow. We will continue to find ways to grow economically and be accountable for our resources and use them appropriately.

We have a wonderful story to tell. We need to be sure it is told in a compelling way and so we will tell our story in a way that makes the community, the nation and the world sit up and take notice.