About Us

About us

Your Pathway to the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4iR

Organisations are now virtual networks wherein the team leaders concentrate on rendering an atmosphere where team members not only surpass in their work, but also to expand on their creativity allowing them to invent and innovate their ideas. Our institution provides physical practice that allows students to make their ideas into a reality. We provide our students with the resources needed to live in the age of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). The age of innovation, invention and creation. The age of individuality, technology and self-development.
We provide students with a space to develop their skills and be ready to step into the world as skilled professional and successful individuals who are able to solve real-life problems with a global vision of “New Leaders. New Vision. New Direction”

Our Mission

Is to be the leading provider of Information Communication Technology programmes in Sub Saharan Africa by inspiring innovation collaboration and creating opportunities for all through our cutting-edge curriculum in line with global demands and best teaching and learning practices.
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Our Vision

Is to contribute to moving Africa forward to meet global demands in the ICT industry through scientific and technical education and research by producing the best contributors in the ICT industry and remain a source of pride for all of Africa.
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